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This course seeks to establish a vision for Christian education (CE) in the Church. Drawing from the Bible and the wider fields of curriculum and education theories, learners will become familiar with key concepts in CE (what is CE, why CE, people involved in CE, basic teaching and developmental theories, and assessment) and learn to teach with greater passion, and precision.  As we progress through the course, learners will reflect on the implications of what they learned in the context of their church.  This “reflective praxis”  (active reflection-reflective action) approach will be the basis of the course assignment.  The goal of this course is to develop effective educational leaders and teachers for church and mission.

This is a forum for discussing the creation of an international council of directors of distance learning

This course is not a “systematic Theology” or “Philosophical Theology” course designed to provide a comprehensive examination into foundational doctrines of the Christian faith. Rather, it is designed to explore the “underlying themes that are woven all through the Bible’s grand narrative – themes that are foundational pillars of the biblical worldview and therefore also of biblical theology…” – We will examine Monotheism in Genesis 1, and its implication for developing a relevant biblical worldview; Doctrine of Humanity developed in Genesis 2-11; The doctrine of Soteriology arising from Genesis 1-11; The Doctrine of Ecclesiology, development of the purposes and the mission of the church; and the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, its role in creating and directing the church in its mission to the World.

“As the Father has sent me, so send I you.” These powerful and challenging words from the Lord Jesus Christ are filled with momentous and eternal implication. The Father sent the Lord Jesus Christ, filled with grace and truth, to seek and to save that which was lost. The risen Lord Jesus Christ calls us to be filled with grace and truth, and in turn for us to seek to save that which is lost, to lead people to saving faith in the finished work of Christ, and to disciple them in a way that leads to kingdom living in a fallen world. How is this incredible mission accomplished through our lives? This course seeks to equip you as a follower of Christ to cultivate the spiritual disciplines that will enable you to accomplish the mission of Christ – intentional disciple making.

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